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Can your Cisco BroadWorks solution check these 10 boxes?

If not, you might be failing (or losing) your customers:

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Overcoming the Problems of Developing in Cisco BroadWorks Developing in Cisco BroadWorks has become increasingly complicated as the platform has grown. It has been subject to acquisitions, and elements and components have been bolted on over the years. The result has left service providers with a massive investment and few choices – until now. Park Bench Solutions understands the many challenges BroadWorks presents to app developers. odin steps in to solve these problems. Problem #1: Development is slow and painstaking. Building out prerequisites in BroadWorks takes time – so does manual development. With odin, there is a 500 to 1 reduction in the volume of API calls that need to be developed to achieve the same results. Developers can create efficiencies, streamline development, and complete tasks in just a few clicks. Problem #2: BroadWorks requires the skill of a senior developer. Anyone who’s hired a senior developer knows it’s expensive and challenging to find someone with the right expertise. This level of skill and knowledge was necessary when dealing with BroadWorks – but not anymore. odin simplifies development, no pricey, PhD-level developer needed. odin uses REST APIs, which even a junior developer knows. You won’t need a senior developer, let alone a whole team. Problem #3: Version control and management weigh you down. New versions of BroadWorks can mean regular revisions and re-development. odin’s built-in translator handles any revisions and updates to BroadWorks over time, so version control is no longer a concern. BroadWorks may have problems, but Park Bench has solutions. odin helps you cut complexity and streamline app development for Cisco BroadWorks. Schedule a demo to see how odin will help you simplify the development process. Learn more about how odin helps you overcome the challenges of building voice services for your customers in BroadWorks.

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