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Park Bench Partners With Support Guide Guru B-Lynk

Today’s end users and administrators need quick, easily searchable information. That’s why Park Bench Solutions (PBS) is now collaborating with B-Lynk to provide custom digital support guides and training videos for the odin Platform. 

Meeting the Demand for Upskilling and Reskilling

Over the past two years, the new work-from-home structure has created increased demand for remote employees and teams to upskill and reskill. Most workers had to modify their way of interacting with coworkers and customers. Many had to increase duties and obligations to accommodate the sudden changes in the workplace. With these new demands comes a need for ongoing training and support. 

As B-Lynk explains, “To ignite upskilling and reskilling among employees and end users alike, training and continuous support are paramount. It’s the most vital key to adoption and creating an effective and efficient workplace.” 

Fewer Support Tickets

PBS and B-Lynk have created a variety of tutorials and training materials to help increase product adoption and ease of use and create a more efficient and productive workplace. Service providers should notice a reduction in support tickets after providing this resource to their customers.

A Better Customer Experience

Product adoption directly impacts the experience your customers and employees have with your brand. The more familiar and empowered users are with features, services, and tools, the more likely they have a positive customer experience. 

What’s Included in the Guides?

The new guides expertly explain how to use odin’s features and functions in tutorials, written manuals, and videos. The admin and end user tutorials take you through a complete catalog of odin and its capabilities. 

You can also search for individual BroadWorks topics (Call Center, Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, etc.), which are easily explored and quickly accessible. Each feature is explained in easy-to-digest segments geared toward either admins or end users.

The Guides Are Now Available to BroadWorks Service Providers With odin

In the unified communications industry, technology comes at you fast. B-Lynk’s experts create and deliver digital support content and provide real-time training – and the PBS team is excited for this new partnership. 

Smart businesses take advantage of the best solutions possible to boost efficiency, increase speed-to-market, and save time and money. If you’re ready to level up your BroadWorks-based voice services, contact Park Bench Solutions to schedule a demo of odin and start saving today.


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