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PBS Spotlight: Marc Tribbe

Ten years ago, Park Bench Solutions created odin to meet the needs of BroadWorks service providers. Founder, Marc Tribbe, recognized a demand in the industry for solutions that could simplify and streamline the fragmented systems and applications that accompanied the BroadWorks platform. He had worked in the telecom ecosystem for over a decade, both as a service provider and for BroadSoft. No one was better equipped to solve the complications that came with BW for both sides. 

Marc is a visionary when it comes to new technology solutions, bringing extensive experience in network / systems engineering, architecture planning, product / software development, and tech / business consulting. With a well-rounded level of technical expertise and business experience, he has a proven ability to implement and manage new technology solutions across a wide range of business units. Throughout his career, Marc has consistently delivered new innovation and improved efficiencies, focusing heavily on cost and profit optimization. 

Marc built Park Bench to be both customer and employee focused from the very beginning. His leadership strategy has created a positive environment of collaboration, and it shows in how his team speaks about him:

  • “Marc is the type of person who really values and cares about his employees - it’s apparent with his Family First motto. The fact that he is just as concerned about his employees as his company really makes you want to work harder for him.”

  • “Tribbe is a true visionary and unique talent in the VoIP/UCaaS space. His passion is infectious and it is clear that he prioritizes the customer and employee experience in all that he does.”

  • “Marc's tremendous vision for making BroadWorks operation easier, more efficient and automated has been the cornerstone for PBS' mission. His leadership has made not only PBS itself more successful, but also allowed our customers to embrace explosive growth and potential."

Originally from the Midwest, Marc now resides in Tampa, Florida, with his wife and three children. Outside of work, Marc enjoys traveling and exploring new places off the beaten path, working with his neighbors to develop unique funding initiatives for various charities, and supporting the Jeep Owners Club that he co-founded.

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PBS Spotlight: Founder Marc Tribbe

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