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The Main Benefits of Automated Provisioning & Why It Deserves Your Attention

Are you looking for ways to optimize the process of turning up new customers? Do you want to skyrocket the efficiency of your existing provisioning infrastructure? We’ve seen how voice service providers like you are constantly searching for a way to minimize the time and cost associated with provisioning. 

So we’re here to deliver some really exciting news: the main benefits of automated provisioning solve these challenges.

Automation has revolutionized various aspects of telecom services, including streamlining of resources and improving customer support. It’s only natural that the technology makes its way into provisioning.

Find out how it can revolutionize your provisioning processes below.

Automated Provisioning: A Closer Look

Automated provisioning – also known as self-service provisioning – eliminates the need for human intervention while provisioning new customers on a voice platform.

You're well-versed with how manual provisioning involves various complex steps and requires extensive manpower. It can take days or even weeks for a service to be deployed after a customer submits a request. 

The use of automation helps minimize the timeframe of implementation and various costs associated with manual provisioning. In the process, it helps deliver a better customer experience.

Main Benefits of Automated Provisioning

Automation helps overcome several drawbacks of manual provisioning:

Enhanced Time and Cost Savings

Automation solutions, such as odin, provide you with pre-designed templates that eliminate the need to set up new users from scratch. You can customize and clone templates to instantly provision new customers.

This, in turn, cuts down the resources and time associated with provisioning. It makes the process faster and more cost-effective.

Also, automation tools are equipped to livestream provisioning information to third-party apps. They help replicate the specific settings whenever similar types of users need to be turned up.

This improves the speed and cost-effectiveness of provisioning even further.

Seamless Bulk Provisioning

Bulk provisioning is one of the biggest benefits of using automation. In a traditional setting, bulk provisioning is associated with the risk of overloading the system. Even if you initiate the process, you’ll need to constantly supervise the progress to avoid hampering the performance of the system.

Automation tools use a queueing mechanism to ensure that the system isn’t overburdened. These tools can automatically monitor the system and ensure that it never receives more requests than it can handle.

Improved Accuracy

Automated provisioning eliminates the need to manually enter data into various spreadsheets – making the process less error-prone and more efficient. 

Also, it ensures that an entire batch of provisioning jobs doesn’t fail because of a single faulty job. It even simplifies the process of maintaining and tracking records.

Better Predictability and Scalability

The use of tried-and-tested templates gives you a better idea of the costs associated with setting up specific types of customers. That means you’re better equipped to assess the needs of new customers and provide accurate quotes for provisioning.

Ultimately, all these benefits of automated provisioning help you create a scalable system that can accommodate new users. 

Harness the Power of Automated Provisioning

The main benefits of automated provisioning are too lucrative to be ignored. Modern voice service providers can leverage automation to improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of provisioning – driving growth.

odin is designed to automate your entire provisioning process. Contact us today to determine whether it’s the right fit for your needs.


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