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Three Ways to Customize Your Voice Solution on BroadWorks with odin

While the Cisco BroadWorks platform is the foundation for many voice services providers' systems, it's no secret that it's not easy to use in an out-of-the-box application. It isn't often considered an especially modern technology, either. There are businesses out there ready to  sell you functional Broadworks solutions, but only odin offers specific customization as well as customer self-service options. These exclusive features were created to help you keep your customers satisfied and happy, your employees productive, and increase your bottom line.

The interface of your voice communication platform is an integral part of your brand identity.  With odin, you can create an unlimited number of unique experiences for your end customers, administrators, and resellers using your logos, brand colors, and icons. And, it's surprisingly simple to do. Outlined below are three ways odin gives you the power to customize and personalize the BroadWorks experience for your customers. 

Three Ways to Customize Cisco BroadWorks with odin

  1. Create a completely new, individualized landing page with a unique URL for each of your customers. This simple ability delivers more user-friendly experiences.

  2. Customize each landing page with your unique branding, logo, icons, and colors. 

  1. Control which product features you want to display and to who. This allows for ease of use in creating original experiences and the flexibility to change settings on the fly when needed.  

These features offer exclusive user experiences for voice services providers and their customers through odin's powerful customization options. There are proven benefits that come from being able to customize the platform:

Benefits of Customizing BroadWorks with odin

  1. An instant reduction in the volume of support tickets – often at a scale of 4x! When user teams can provide self-service portals for their customers, resellers, and admins, it drastically frees up customer service agents' time.

  2. Reduction in overall staffing costs. Implementing customer self-service options can help you unlock human capital and reduce COGS. You’ll need smaller support teams with less technical skill. 

  3. Be a contender. Voice services providers using odin can compete with much larger telecommunication companies. Those industry leaders are able to nimbly evolve and offer self-service. odin gives you the tools to rival the big names and helps you play in the big leagues. 

Start Customizing BroadWorks with odin

Aside from customization options and self-service on the Cisco BroadWorks platform, odin provides a host of other benefits to voice services providers. If you want to differentiate, innovate, and evolve your customer experience, we'd love to talk to you. 

Interested in taking the next step with odin? Click here to schedule a demo with an odin expert to dive into our technology, solutions, and specific use cases. We will tailor our session to your specific company and needs. You can also click here to learn more about how odin helps companies deliver exceptional customer support in Cisco BroadWorks.

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