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odin API Explained

Understanding odin API

Approximately 10 years ago, Park Bench Solutions created odin to meet the needs of BroadWorks service providers. There was a demand in the telecom industry for solutions that could simplify and streamline the fragmented systems that came along with building out an entire BroadWorks ecosystem from billing, OSS/BSS, voicemail, call recording, analytics … the list goes on and on. One of the most powerful and impressive components within the odin platform is the API. 

BroadWorks OCI Development Can Create Several Challenges: 

  • Building out prerequisites takes time – as does manual development. 

  • BroadWorks integration work often requires a specialty senior developer, who can be expensive and hard to find.

  • Version control management weighs you down and slows operations.

  • Over time, developers must code to each version of BroadWorks due to frequent code deprecation and changes in call and response formats and sequences.

  • You can't always upgrade to newer versions of BroadWorks.

The odin API Has Solutions

We’ve been there, so we know what voice service providers need to stay profitable, flexible, and competitive. The robust odin API is a RESTful API and designed to help any client, with any dev team, at any stage of product and application development for automation or integration with BroadWorks. We have options to meet you wherever you are on your journey!

Using odin in No Code 

We offer an out-of-the-box COTS (common off the shelf) solution. It allows you to create unlimited, self-branded portals for users, admins, or resellers without writing a single line of code! No special skill or development knowledge is necessary on your end. We even provide the ability to provision entire enterprises with a simple spreadsheet. Livestream billable events or automate 3rd party provisioning without writing any BroadWorks code. It just takes a few clicks-and eliminates a ton of data entry and human errors. There is only a one-time data mapping on the target side.

Using odin in Low Code

Service providers can write simple scripts with our RESTful API – no need for senior developers with a “PhD in BroadWorks.” Take advantage of our 500-to-1 consolidation of API calls. We also offer odin web: a library of front-end code UI with odin API calls already embedded.

Setting up a customer used to take hours; it now takes minutes. We also have a 100% feature coverage guarantee – you won’t find a CommPilot or BroadWorks OCI feature that odin can’t handle. 

Using odin in Full Code

Full code is ideal for a custom-tailored solution. Do you have a team of engineers who develop and support your platform? Are you already developing natively to the BW OCI and want to overcome inefficiencies and maintenance costs? Are you ready to leverage more consolidated features? Full code is for you.

Service providers building their own platforms and products use our full code option because developing to BroadWorks is version-specific. That means developers get saddled with cumbersome, time-wasting, and redundant tasks to retest, recode, and recertify each version. In contrast, odin has a “develop once” mentality – independent of the version or instance of BW. odin eliminates expensive ongoing maintenance, avoids code debt, and can translate your call across all BW versions, locations, and instances. 

Smart businesses take advantage of the best solutions possible to boost efficiency, increase speed-to-market, and save time and money. The award-winning odin platform does all of this and more by helping global telecom service providers extend the life of their investments, optimize profits, automate quote-to-cash workflows, and complete M&A consolidation activities. 

The only platform to offer Cisco BroadWorks-compatible software with unlimited customization, powerful APIs, and comprehensive historical reporting and analytics is odin. If you’re ready to level up, contact Park Bench Solutions to schedule a demo of odin today. 


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