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Unlocking the Power of Human Capital With Automation

How do you determine the value of an employee? The old-school approach is simple: “Do they make my business profitable?” If the answer is yes, the employee is valuable. 

Obviously, this alone is probably a little short-sighted. While the bottom line is still a top priority, companies are investing in the potential of their people more than ever, and judging value very differently. 

Not all assets show up on a spreadsheet. Human capital is one of those intangible assets that can’t be computed but adds immeasurable value to an organization. Human capital can be defined as resources including experience, knowledge, personality, talents, skills, abilities, intelligence, and acumen possessed individually and collectively guessed it...humans. Oddly enough, though, businesses can unlock the value of humans by investing in automation. 

The Value of People

An organization is what it is because of its employees. A company isn’t a building, a logo, or even its flagship product. A company is defined by its people and their ideas. Sometimes we may forget that humans are responsible for everything an organization creates, from the most basic process to the most technical intellectual property. A shoe, a greeting card, holograms – even the odin automation platform – was once just an idea thought up by a human. 

How Automation Enhances People

Park Bench created the odin automation platform for many reasons. One of them was to release your employees from the mundane and frustrating tasks related to manual provisioning of user services. How many hours have been wasted keying in and manipulating massive amounts of data into spreadsheets? Could that time have been spent in a more resourceful or productive way? People usually innovate less, engage less, and are not likely to be dedicated when they are in a stifled and repetitive work environment. Likewise, when your brain is tied up in data entry, you probably aren’t going to be doing much creative thinking. 

Since the technology is now available to complete large-scale provisioning tasks in a snap, even at a global scale, let odin handle it. No need to constantly supervise large bulk provisioning jobs – odin has a built-in queueing mechanism and task management to guarantee the system never overloads. The odin Platform is constantly checking the phone system to ensure licensing is pre-verified and never over-allocated. This helpful feature prevents errors even before they occur. At the same time, using pre-built webhooks, odin automates provisioning tasks – not only for the phone system but for all third-party feature apps. You can livestream provisioning instructions from odin to any number of other applications on day one. 

Free Up Your Human Capital With odin

Free up your people for more important critical-thinking and creative tasks. The potential for innovation and growth is already in your organization, now you have the time to uncover your team’s creativity. Discover their abilities, knowledge, and education in more valuable ways than endless point, click, read, type, repeat. With odin and instant provisioning automation, you can unlock the true power of your organization’s human capital to do what it does best – create. Get in touch with us at Park Bench Solutions to learn how your people will benefit.


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